About MindSet

MindSet LLC offers exclusive training programs and consulting services designed to engender greater business and personal success.  MindSet’s steely-eyed focus is to help its clients, both companies and individuals, to achieve personal success and business dominance.  The domino effect that follows is straightforward: competent and loyal staff members, better products or services, enthusiastic customers, a reputation for excellence, and our ultimate goal – business dominance.

MindSet’s creation in 2005 marked the realization of a resource that had been 20+ years in the making.  MindSet has developed an innovative, engaging, and practical approach to leadership, and we did it the old-fashioned way: though years of both front-line and executive level leadership experience.  Our insights on leadership are not just academic theory.  MindSet has the real-world experience of having implemented each and every one of the more than 225 leadership MindSets we teach to our clients in the real business world.  MindSet’s expansive consulting and training services offer our clients access to a massive resource of leadership insights and tools ranging across a broad array of business domains.

MindSet is based in Omaha, NE.  However, we provide consulting and training services across the United States.  Please contact us with any business inquiries.

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