As a manager, I have had the opportunity to attend several leadership training programs. I thoroughly benefited from the MindSet Leadership Series – it offered the most applicable skills to enhance my day-to-day leadership abilities.

Ashley Winans Chief Development Officer Boys & Girls Clubs of the Midlands May 14, 2016

As one of the many who have loved getting the opportunity to experience MindSet, I can say that it has not only impacted how I think – it has changed my life. MindSet has given me a far better road map for success…it has helped me to grow so much as both as an employee and as a person.

Jack Mahaffey Adaptive Sports Specialist, Mentor QLI April 24, 2016

I have had the opportunity to attend a number of leadership training seminars. Without hesitation, I would endorse the MindSet Leadership Series as one of the best I have ever attended. A colleague and I thoroughly enjoyed the series, and we found it to be a terrific value!

Cindy Powers, SPHR, SHRM-SCP Chief Administrative Officer Seldin Company May 14, 2016

In short, MindSet works! MindSet training programs, consultation, and executive coaching will benefit any organization that wants to be even more committed to high performance and the happiness and success of their employees. Having had the opportunity to personally witness MindSet’s impact, I can – without reservation – give MindSet my highest endorsement!

Cliff Karthauser Former Regional Managing Director Principal Financial Group April 24, 2016

The MindSet Survey did three things really well: It allowed us to compare our cultural health to others, it provided great internal analysis, and they individualized it for our unique situation. In short, it’s a terrific instrument.

Larry Fazzini VP of Human Resources NorthStar Financial Services Group, LLC April 24, 2016

Having attended a number of MindSet training experiences, I am excited that this material will now be available to a wider group of companies and organizations through MindSet Infusion. This is one training program you will want to grab onto! Don’t pass up this opportunity to sharpen your leadership skills and enhance your culture.

Dawn Batho Director of Inside Sales CLS Investments, LLC April 24, 2016

The MindSet Leadership Series was the one form of leadership training that I have ever gone through that I thought had real value. MindSet did not just focus on management tricks to squeeze more out of your team, but on making me to be a better person, and helping my team to be better people.

Brad Burgess Chief Technical Officer Orion Advisor Servies, LLC April 24, 2016

MindSet is just so darn creative! These guys have developed something totally new. What makes MindSet so potent is that they have developed incredible content plus worked just as diligently to make the learning process completely engaging for those they teach or coach. There is nothing else like MindSet out there – any MindSet client is going to have a huge completive boost and advantage.

Mark Carpenter Partner SKAR Advertising April 24, 2016

MindSet has developed a huge toolbox from which they can construct a highly engaging leadership training series that will yield immediate results for participants. I believe an investment in either MindSet consultation or training will pay for itself many times over.

Todd Darnold, Ph.D. Director of Leadership Programs Heider College of Business at Creighton University May 14, 2016

When it comes to leadership and how to build and protect a great work culture, MindSet is a resource that I can unconditionally recommend. As both a consultant and trainer, Dr. Hoogeveen and MindSet have been a great resource to me and to our company!

Susan Courtney President and CEO CoreLink Administrative Solutions May 14, 2016

HRAM is excited to partner with MindSet to bring high-level leadership training to our members. Given the quality and depth of its materials and insights, MindSet is an ideal partner to help HRAM elevate the HR profession, and our member professionals, to new heights.

Sarah Schulz Chapter Manager Human Resources Association of the Midlands (HRAM) May 23, 2016

The MindSet Infusion Program provides a valuable opportunity to improve employee pride and loyalty, enhance the cultural health of your organization, and promote both the professional and personal success of your employees. It’s a terrific investment!

Steve Kerschke Director of Business Development Thrasher April 24, 2016

I had the pleasure of watching Kim lead for almost 20 years – and his approach engendered incredible results both for the bottom line and the cultural health of his company. It is terrific that through MindSet he is now offering other companies the chance to learn about an approach that has led to such incredible business success.

Jim O’Donnell Former CFO ConAgra Foods April 24, 2016

First at QLI and then MindSet, Dr. Hoogeveen has demonstrated that his philosophy and system creates and protects a work culture that attracts and retains talented people. The MindSet Infusion Program is a powerful tool that will help other companies do the same.

David Madden Attorney McGrath North Mullin & Kratz, PC LLO April 24, 2016

QLI is proud to claim the distinction of being the home of MindSet leadership, and we still today relentlessly reinforce MindSet concepts and techniques with all of our leaders. As a result, the MindSet approach is deeply embedded into our culture, and it is responsible for much of our growth, cultural health, and business success. I would strongly encourage any CEO or owner to get your executives and supervisors trained as MindSet Leaders.

Patricia Kearns President and CEO QLI April 24, 2016

In 16 years as City Administrator, the MindSet Survey has been one of the most successful initiatives that we have conducted. It confirmed much of what we believed to be true about the cultural health of our organization, but it also revealed a few important growth areas that we weren’t aware of. Thanks to the terrific MindSet Survey report, we have been able to use the diagnostic information to strengthen our culture and become an even better organization. We received terrific value from the MindSet Survey, and I highly recommend it to other leaders.

Dan Hoins City Administrator City of Papillion April 24, 2016

The MindSet Leadership Series is absolutely wonderful. I didn’t know what to expect before I came to the first session, but my experience was top-notch! Thank you for putting together such a great curriculum. I’m confident I will use my learnings from these past weeks for the balance of my career.

Walter Duda Asst. Vice President Physicians Mutual May 16, 2017

Having attended a MindSet Leadership Series – and subsequently having Dr. Hoogeveen present to our Lutz emerging leaders – I’m a huge fan. MindSet is packed with information and insights that make leaders better able to build culture and accelerate business success!

Stephanie Hand, SPHR Human Resource Director Lutz May 15, 2016

I was initially a bit hesitant to work with an executive coach, but was I ever wrong. Dr. Hoogeveen’s unique background as a psychologist and CEO makes him an incredibly powerful coach. I gained so much from working with him – with equal contributions being made to my professional and personal growth. I could not recommend Kim more highly!

Nathan Busch Associate VP of Childhood Mental Health Systems of Care Nebraska Children and Families Foundation April 24, 2016

No question – I am a big fan of MindSet. It is so unusual to find a group who understands business and the unique dynamics of education. I highly recommend the MindSet Survey to any organization. It will help you spot opportunities for growth, stimulate leadership discussions, and lead to a better and more successful organization.

Frank Harwood Superintendent De Soto, Kansas April 24, 2016

The MindSet Survey provides an incredible amount of information. You are going to spend hours looking through the report, and it will be time well spent. It’s the most useful organizational survey tool I have seen.

Alicia Elson VP of Human Resources QLI April 24, 2016

The reporting format in the MindSet Survey is phenomenal. It lets you see how your company stacks up with others, but even more importantly it lets you clearly see the deeper patterns of cultural health within your organization. We have used other surveys to assess our culture and employee engagement, but none of them provided as much useful information as the MindSet Survey.

Eric Clarke Founder and President Orion Advisor Services April 24, 2016