Leadership Training / MindSet Leadership Series

MindSet Leadership Training is jam-packed with practical and powerful leadership insights. We teach – specifically – what it is great leaders know and how they think.

MindSet’s expansive leadership content focuses on how to create and protect a high-performance culture that will enhance your ability to attract, build, retain, and motivate outstanding employees. We are selling the playbook that led to the creation of one of the healthiest work cultures in the nation. If your organization is striving to become a Best Place to Work, hire MindSet, and we’ll create raving fans of our training content within your organization!

MindSet offers two types of leadership training clinics:

  1. Open Clinics (individuals from multiple companies can attend)
  2. Closed Clinics (an organization contracts with us to exclusively train their leaders)

We currently have an open clinic MindSet Leadership Series offering in partnership with two prestigious member organizations who are eager to provide this valuable opportunity for their members.

The Greater Omaha Chamber and Human Resource Association of the Midlands (HRAM) have partnered with MindSet to offer a leadership series tailored for executives, directors, and other key decision-makers. For more information and to register for this Mindset series, visit www.GoMindSet.com/Omaha.

If your company is interested in MindSet developing and delivering a closed leadership training series for a specific group of leaders within your company, please contact us to discuss how we can customize the program to address your goals. For an overview of topic options you may want us to include in the training, check out our general MindSet Leadership Series brochure.

Our last MindSet Leadership Series sold out in less than two weeks and attendee feedback was terrific, so please consider registering now!

Questions? Contact us at info@GoMindSet.com or 402-980-3344.