The MindSet Survey

The MindSet Survey© is one of the most comprehensive and practical surveys on the market. It is a tool that will efficiently and accurately diagnose the cultural health of your organization.

For additional information, click here to view a brochure for the MindSet Survey.

Please complete the form below if you would like to schedule a complementary consultation to determine whether the MindSet Survey is ideal for your organization. Please feel free to complete the form even if you have no interest in an immediate follow-up. We know you’re busy, so if you think you might want to discuss this in a couple weeks or several months, just let us know in the form and we’ll contact you based on your preference. Thanks for considering MindSet!

In 16 years as City Administrator, the MindSet Survey has been one of the most successful initiatives that we have conducted. It confirmed much of what we believed to be true about the cultural health of our organization, but it also revealed a few important growth areas that we weren’t aware of. Thanks to the terrific MindSet Survey report, we have been able to use the diagnostic information to strengthen our culture and become an even better organization. We received terrific value from the MindSet Survey, and I highly recommend it to other leaders.

Dan Hoins City Administrator City of Papillion April 24, 2016

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